Buildcrest is a family-based company that has earned a solid reputation for creating luxury residential developments in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Over the years, Buildcrest has completed numerous projects in the GTA, including townhouse communities that feature strong architectural design. Unique exteriors, functional layouts and a forward energy-sensitive approach separate us from the crowd – and so does our unwavering attention to detail, present in every aspect of our work.

As we continue to evolve, we’re keeping an eye on the horizon – seeking the finest locations for developments, building upon our extensive knowledge and expertise, and looking for the next opportunity to impress and excite tomorrow’s homeowners.
Algar Developments
Grant Algar has been the design lead on dozens of developments across Canada. His skill set includes a unique design vision, dynamic adaptability, and a comprehensive fluency in numerous modern and traditional styles. He has an uncompromising attention to detail, along with a macro understanding of the intricacies of any given project. At the same time, he is always committed to working within the defined framework of architecture, image, budget and timeline. Grant is tirelessly committed to the final product. In everything from project design and presentation, to marketing and merchandising, he brings forward his successfully established wealth of creative design and development knowledge. A visionary, strategist and active manager, he sees each project through to completion with a holistic creative flair from start to finish.